Ship Now Pay Later for B2B
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Payment solution for importers/exporters and freight forwarders
Defer your invoices for up to 90 days

How it works


Apply online
You fill in some information on your company


We runs real-time credit eligibility
checks and we approve your request in


We pay your seller immediately on your behalf and you reimburse us within 30/60 or 90 days

Advantages for Buyers

Pay for your sellers upfront then spread your payments up to 90 days

No impact on credit score

Relieve your cash flow and grow your business more easily

Maintain serene commercial relations with sellers

No storage costs for late payment

For companies needing a commercial loan to defer their invoices

Fast Simple and Effective

No paperwork, no waiting time, quick approval

Make your cash flow more flexible

Fast and flexible payments are essential to keep supply chains running smoothly.

Don't burn your cash flow, we advance you the funds and you decide to reimburse us within 30, 60 or 90 days without any impact on your credit score.

Pay your invoice later, while your seller is paid upfront, improving cash flow for all parties involved.

Advantages for Sellers

Payment Guaranteed, Minimise your Risk

No more worrying about you cashflow, we pay your immediately

Give your customers payment flexibility

We handle all collections with tact and respect to preserve your commercial relationship

Reduced working capital needs

Reduction of the average payment period which can put your cash flow under pressure

Increase in conversion rate

Increase in average order value

Increase in turnover

Payment guaranteed

No more worrying about your cash flow. We pay you immediately upon receipt of proof of shipment.

We take care of the risk. Your business is protected against credit and fraud risks including non-payment.

When you offer better payment terms on spend, you onboard buyers faster and grow your business.

Simplify B2B trade with flexible payment terms

Protected payments

Don't take any more risks with your partners. We act as a trusted third party. By using our platform your payment is only released if your forwarder has performed the service. If the service is not performed then you will be refunded. A disagreement between the two parties? Our team intervenes to resolve the dispute.

Transparency and rapidity

Before requesting your order form you can discuss in the "Live Chat" to clarify the shipping conditions etc... This is a unique service offered by Pay-forwarder. By using our services, freight forwarders release cargoes more quickly. Regain confidence in your business relationships.

User-friendly Interface

Our dashboard is very creative and most of all it is extremely easy to use. Easily track service progress as the freight forwarder updates statuses. Manage all your freight forwarders and payments in one place. Keep your transaction history.

Accept risky transactions

Whether you are a freight forwarder or an importer, you no longer have to worry about foreign transactions. You can accept risky transactions now because we collect the funds for the freight forwarder before the goods are dispatched. When the freight forwarder has completed the service, we pay them. For freight forwarders, by accepting these new transactions you increase your turnover. For importers by accepting foreign freight forwarders you can make some savings.

No more unpaid bills

As a payment intermediary for freight forwarders, we save you time and money because you no longer need to follow up with your customers for late invoices, we take care of collections for you, we become your only intermediary for your invoices. Unpaid invoices no longer exist because your customers pay our platform in advance. You can surely stop your contract with your insurance company for unpaid bills.

Save on banking fees

Going through a bank you will pay around 40usd for the international transfer + exchange fees if you pay your forwarder in another currency. By using our services, for example for an amount of 5000usd you only pay 25usd and in addition your payment is protected until the forwarding agent has performed the service.

No monthly fees

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